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Our knowledge also doubles when we share it. And the concept of product and development-oriented purchases is a very pragmatic example of this. By incorporating purchaser and supplier knowledge into product development in advance, cost-defining factors at a component level can be altered early on.

  • In addition to their classic purchasing activities, purchasers thus also become product architects
  • Suppliers become system partners who apply their knowledge to product development and manufacturing

How this organisational and, most importantly, cultural change can be initiated and completed is likewise a matter of knowledge, which THESEN AG will gladly share with you:

Our services

  • Optimising product design from a customer perspective
  • Incorporating purchasing skills into product development intensively and early on
  • Improving customer/supplier relationships
  • Worldwide tendering of innovative solution concepts amongst leading development suppliers
  • Customer specifications for assessing supplier proposals
  • Detailed cost/benefits comparison of various rival products in terms of engineering and function
  • Establishing extent and time of supplier integration
  • Implementing innovative product solutions

Our instruments

  • Supplier roadmaps
  • Idea and concept competitions
  • Product clinic
  • Product concepts with optimised total costs