Trade is change – that’s a truth! Hardly another sector has to assert its position in such a tense relation between supply and demand day in day out, and this in an increasingly complex competitive situation.

Complexity and competitiveness are no longer defined and driven by the range of goods, but by availability, just-in-time, logistic processes and solutions – digitization and transparency are at the top of the list.

However, trade does not live on transparency, but on the margin! Whether on-line trading or stationary trading: the trading companies are under extreme pressure. A maximum of individualization and customer orientation with a simultaneous differentiation toward competition are necessary to stay in the business and to assert customer retention. Tight processes, clear ranges, low stocks, a high turnover and flexibility are of particular importance.

Thanks to our excellence in purchase and supply chain management, we are able to identify weaknesses and to adjust or replace them by appropriate solutions within short time. The availability always is the most important goal while achieving the required margin and its improvement.

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