Managing flows of goods reliably while optimizing the cost:

Logistics is a critical area for each company

The last years and decades have been characterized by several trends with a considerable impact on logistics. Companies are challenged by an increasing globalization, increasing customer requirements, reduced product life cycles and the rapid rate of digitization; and they have to rise to these challenges.

Unreliable logistic processes will impact the production and, at the worst, the supply performance of the customer. Logistics is a complex subject composed of many individual disciplines.

A successful logistics consulting will deal with these items: Our performance portfolio LOGISTIC SOLUTION will provide our clients with professional support to meet all challenges sustainably.

Our goal: Optimizing your logistic success

Your logistic success will be measured by logistic costs (warehouse, stocks, transport) and logistic performance (delivery period, reliability, quality and flexibility) which may, from a functional point of view, lead to a conflict with goals of other functional areas of the company.

Thus, logistics aims at having low stocks due to inventory and storage costs while sales aims at large stocks of finished goods to be able to meet the customer requests immediately.

Together with our clients THESEN will develop individual solution concepts based on a comprehensive experience from various sectors. With our performance portfolio LOGISTIC SOLUTIONS, we take into consideration the general context and align individual competing goals. In this context, business objectives, customer requirements and the competition of our clients play a vital role.

THESEN is able to optimize logistic costs both by a different focus on complex structures already existing and by designing new concepts with regard to new markets or new business models.

Market expertise and logistic know-how for your success

Across all sectors, logistic costs have an important share in the overall costs. Without logistic supply chain experts, you will sustainably optimize your flows of goods with regard to cost pressure, digitization and transparency. That’s what our logistic consulting provides:

  • Improvement of the logistics service quality
  • Standardized, stable and lean logistic processes
  • Increase in the company return by reduced logistic costs
  • Elimination of weaknesses and bottlenecks in the supply chain
  • No investment costs, no risks
  • Our analysis does not use any resources in your company.
  • Neutral purchase of logistic services (best-in-class resources)
  • Unrestricted neutral market access

Performance portfolio:

Transport logistics

The costs in transport logistics are increasing - and with them the need for optimization. THESEN knows the right solutions.


The analysis by THESEN AG reveals the optimization potential in your intralogistics.

TCM ® - THESEN Cargo Management

Our digital logistics management creates transparency and lays the foundation for continuous cost optimization.

THESEN potential analysis

Your basis for decision-making


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