A strong Purchasing is not something that can be taken for granted. In fact, it needs continuous and consistent development. To get there, you need a tailor-made purchase organization: Staff, structures and processes must be tuned to interact smoothly in practice. With clear areas of responsibility Purchasing will have an efficient access to suppliers. The appropriate techniques and tools will support Purchasing in implementing professional purchase processes.

Optimized purchase processes will play an important role for the performance of an organization. They specify how the purchase works within the company and how the cooperation with other functions and the suppliers works. Thus, beside the structural organization, process organization is the second important component for a successful Purchasing.

Strong, well-trained staff will ensure that Purchasing can act clearly and effectively in the day-to day routine.

The THESEN Range of Services will provide sustainable results

The range of services of THESEN is focused on these complex challenges. Our proposals for consulting, training and coaching are optimized to work perfectly together to support the clients in organizing and further developing their Purchasing. The necessary conditions will be jointly identified in detail and they will be supported by precise optimizing measures in the field of organization, competency and individual performance.

THESEN deliberately relies on the approach of the “tailor-made principle”. The contents of each assignment will be individually designed based on the long-standing purchase experience of our employees. Thus, we reach optimized solutions for each assignment.

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