“Digitization of Purchasing” and “Purchasing 4.0” –

that’s the same and of utmost importance!

Digitization has found its way into all purchase departments, and this for many years. However, there are differences from company to company and from sector to sector concerning the extent and the interlinkage with other company departments. The question is no longer whether a company will digitize but how intensely. The benefit of an electronic support in Purchasing are beyond doubt.

  • To carry out standard tasks
  • To reduce the employees’ workload
  • To create transparency
  • To provide data
  • To increase speed
  • To provide a continuous market monitoring

Those who are talking about “Digitization in purchasing” and “Purchasing 4.0”, talk about a wide range of technologies and concepts as for example:

  • Big data / data analytics / data classification
  • Collaboration / Enterprise 2.0
  • Business process engineering
  • Purchasing 4.0 / Industry 4.0
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Cloud Computing
  • e-procurement
  • e-sourcing
  • e-tendering
  • e-Auction

Hardly another thematic area has so radically changed the business processes for the last years - generally and especially in Purchasing. And the impact will still increase in future!

For companies it is of utmost importance to explore the possibilities of digitization of purchase processes and to implement them. THESEN will support you to identify and fix deficits and inefficient processes due to the absence of digitization and thus to significantly drive forward the automation and digitization of Purchasing.

Due to the multitude of routine tasks and processes and the high requirement of transparency and response capacity, Purchasing is ideally suited for digitization. Results due to the purchase digitization will become visible and ebit-efficient within very short time. Deriving an ROI is easy and often very efficient.

How does a successful purchase digitization work?

As always, the challenge is to find the accurate lever, starting time and point for digitization. Due to already existing electronic processes and systems, it is absolutely necessary to carry out a status analysis and an analysis of the process landscape. Then a recommendation for action will be formulated that will guide your company through the process of digitization step by step in an acceptable manner. Investment costs and expected results will be precisely balanced beforehand and have to be in a positive relation. Your Purchasing team will be prepared to the electronic transformation, they will be monitored and trained to be fit for the future so that digitization will be seen as a positive process in the organization.

Based on our expertise of more than 30 years’ purchase consulting and based on our cross- sector expertise we support you to perfectly set up your Purchasing with regard to digitization.

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