Within a company, Purchasing has a lot more tasks and functions as it had just some years ago. Procurement tasks are still significant; but simultaneously, Purchasing is the essential influencing factor for the company result. A modern and successful purchase structure can only meet the various requirements with an optimized process organization.

Processes, KPIs, goals, staff and structures have to be accurately adjusted so that Purchasing is able to make its main value contribution to improved costs, product availability and risk minimization. By using a wide range of measures to transform the purchase structure, THESEN will assist and support the transformation of the purchase department of your company until it will be BIC - Best in Class. Step by step we will guide you to measurable, significant performance increases of your Purchasing.

We will prepare your purchasing to be fit for the future

THESEN will analyze and identify the challenges and problematic processes of the complete strategic purchase and supply chain structure. We will transport important know-how and design new processes and necessary modifications in the strategic areas, together with you and based on established and tried and tested approaches and a functioning implementation monitoring.

Our consultants will support you in the following fields of transformation:

  • Anchoring strategic purchase measures in the company
  • Re-orientation of the purchase team
  • Process optimization in Purchasing by re-designing the processes
  • Unconditional integration of all departments
  • Strengthening and anchoring of qualifications

With THESEN you will undergo the change from an operationally oriented purchase structure to a modern, future-oriented and performing, tactically and strategically oriented purchase structure; our aim which you have to reach is clear - to get the best-in-class (BIC) purchase structure.

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