Electronic cost management & reporting

The THESEN CARGO MANAGEMENT has a focus on the sustainable securing of savings potentials and on the continuous improvement of transport logistics. For this purpose, we provide a web-based solution to our clients offering them worldwide transparency of transport costs and flows of goods on freely configurable and interactive dashboards.

Transparency and Digitization

All freight information and logistics service providers will be operationally implemented in the TCM. Our clients are provided with full transparency concerning suppliers, costs and quantities to supervise and optimize the transport costs. Thus, global companies with a high number of logistics service providers and different ERP systems are provided with a standardized data pool and an informative reporting tool.


Many companies don’t have any standardized rate format and use the format of the service providers. In the following, the rates for the same services and tours often are not immediately comparable. The TCM rate management helps you to modify your electronic logistic management; it will obtain the necessary comparability by a standardized and transparent presentation of different freight rates for all transport modes. With the THESEN Logistic Dashboards you will have a basis for strategic and data-driven decisions. You can use the price blankets for rolling tenders or rate comparisons between service providers to achieve systematic cost reductions.

Continous Improvement Process (CIP)

The TCM continuously and recurrently compares target and actual values of indicators (KPIs) with our THESEN Benchmark Database. KPIs are the basis for monitoring the cost development and for making adjustments, if necessary, and for defining joint actions together with our clients.

Determining and identifying indicators

  • Quantitative indicators for measuring costs and shipment structures
    • E.g. number of shipments, weight, volume, freight costs
    • E.g. according to service provider, shipment mode, business unit, loading point, country of destination, consignee

Modularity & Flexibilty

The dashboard is freely expandable, individually adjustable and helps our clients to get a complete picture of the day-to-day business. Everyday decisions must be made which have an impact on the logistic network and transport costs. Expeditors place orders on the spot market and shipping employees have to decide - due to a delivery date - which service the parcel service provider shall use to carry out the shipment so that the delivery is in time. Even in the case of shipment orders with fixed rates, additional costs like fees for idle time may arise.

THESEN potential analysis

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