Intelligent management of material flows & improvement of procedures

Intralogistics is an important part of the supply chain managementswhose task is the interlinking of transport, handling and storage. Today, these complex logistic procedures are more relevant than ever; in the era of increasing globalization it becomes more and more necessary to automize the internal logistic processes by help of technical solutions and concepts to make the processes more efficient and to remain competitive.

The multitude of interfaces to other business divisions results in the fact that intralogistics has to cope with many tasks generally belonging to the areas of process planning and optimization.

Intralogistics includes all logistic flows of material and goods within the production process or in all storage sections. In many companies there is an important potential in intralogistics for increasing the performance and reducing costs. Based on a professional and practice- oriented project management, THESEN offers the comprehensive realization of complex projects in the intralogistics area.

Enormous potential

Even in internal logistics efficiency pressure is omnipresent. Materials and goods must be moved on the premises quickly and as punctually as possible to prevent losses and delays in the production or the deliveries. Due to the multitude of interfaces to other business divisions, intralogistics has to cope with many tasks generally belonging to the areas of process planning and optimization. Therefore, these complex logistic processes offer a high potential for increasing the performance and reducing costs.

Planning & optimizing intralogistics - intelligent solutions with a guaranteed future

With a comprehensive look at the cost situation (infrastructure, process and inventory costs), your complete area of intralogistics will be examined. Taking into consideration benchmarks and variable process costs, it is possible to develop optimization potentials and concepts. For example, the reduction of inventory costs will lead to a simultaneous reduction of the logistic process costs as well as expenses for storage and retrieval operations and stock transfers can be reduced.

Locating potentials - increasing profitability

  • Identifying potentials for improvement and realizing them successfully
  • Reducing lead times and increasing productivity in the warehouse
  • Optimized and sustainable design of your intralogistics
  • Eliminating redundant work steps
  • Standardizing procedures
  • Knowledge transfer and know-how from various logistic projects

Performance portfolio

Material flow analysis

Vehicle fleet optimization

Packaging optimization

Working capital (stock, ordered quantities)

Stock optimization (incoming good, outgoing goods)

Order picking

THESEN potential analysis

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