Economic changes and an increasing competition will place companies under a continuously growing cost pressure. Thus, liquidity may decrease and flexibility in business procedures may be reduced. Working capital is describing the amount of capital a company will need to ensure its financing. Generally, working capital optimization aims at minimizing the capital commitment. The shorter the capital commitment is, the faster the capital is available to be used otherwise (e.g. for new investments). “Cash is King!”

The working capital optimization offers different possibilities to the company to become liquid and competitive due to innovative measures.

The company’s valuable liquidity stems from the difference between current assets and short-term liabilities. And that’s where THESEN Consulting will start to improve the company’s liquidity: We will develop very precise measures and implement them at long term with measurable results. Together with our clients we will reach the following improvements which are perceptible at long term:

  • Improved liquidity increase
  • Strengthening the internal financing by releasing fixed capital

In doing so, you can improve your position towards competitors at home and abroad and maintain your competitive edge.

The THESEN Working Capital Optimization: Analysis, goals, efficient measures

Our approach for identifying and implementing working capital potentials is both established and structured. We identify all potentials and levers with the help of an integrated working capital analysis in the current situation. A guideline will be introduced which will define goals and standard conditions and specify exceptions in your company.

Efficient measures are to be developed and implemented. The company has various possibilities to optimize the working capital. The most important options are the following:

  • Optimizing the payment behavior
  • Reducing inventory levels
  • Inventory optimization
  • Reducing superfluous stocks
  • Minimizing receivables
  • Adjusting payment targets
  • Stock financing
  • Purchase financing

Due to tried and tested approaches we will realize individual measures according to supplier, customer and product group. All levers to be pulled in order to reach an optimized working capital and an increased liquidity are integral elements.

Based on these foundations, you will make a major contribution to strengthening the free liquidity for investments and your company’s future.

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