Raw materials prices are influenced by special factors. In addition to the regional and global availability, political, geopolitical and environmental aspects, trading restrictions and climatic influences play an increasingly significant role. The raw materials procurement does not only depend on the ability of your Purchasing. A multitude of external influences with different risks have an impact on the raw materials purchasing.

In this context, the challenge to reduce costs by a professional raw materials management gains a particular importance. It is imperative to ensure price reliability and availability.

A professional raw materials procurement does not only ensure prices and minimize risks, but it rather supports you to achieve planning, production and supply reliability for your products. Thus, you are ensuring an important cornerstone of your competitiveness. And Purchasing is efficiently used in favor of the strategic core business.

Supported by 25 years’ consulting experience in raw materials purchasing, we have identified the seven most important levers that help our clients to be well-positioned even in difficult market situation and under difficult conditions.

  • Transparency of demands and purchasing market analysis
  • Supplier analysis and selection
  • Business levers / hedging
  • Technical levers
  • Sales levers
  • Purchasing and risk strategy
  • Contracting, implementation and covering of risks

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