To keep up your competitiveness, you need quality, innovative capacity and supply reliability which you can only reach in cooperation with your suppliers as value-creating partners. Often, however, 50 to 70 percent of the value creation are contracted out to suppliers. This means that a performing supplier management is a key element for the company’s economic success and one of the key tasks of strategic purchasing.

With the supplier management Purchasing will systematically and strategically manage the relationship with the suppliers. The aim is to organize and to develop the cooperation with the suppliers pro-actively.

We propose professional analyses, a supplier evaluation and classification, strategy development and the implementation of a Supplier Relationship Management.

To raise your Supply Chain Performance to top level, we will initially check the level of maturity of your supply chains. Thus, we will develop the appropriate measures. In preparation for the strategic supplier management and the supplier integration, providing a value-added analysis will point out the impact of the introduction of a new supplier management on your company.

Strategic and operational goals of the supplier management

Strategic goals of the supplier management are:

  • Focusing on top suppliers
  • Increasing the performance
  • Expanding the supplier portfolio
  • Increasing the competitiveness
  • Integrating the partner in your own supply chain
  • Extensive use of supplier innovations
  • Using synergy effects

Operational goals are:

  • Creating transparency and comparing supplier services
  • Developing a supplier evaluation
  • Monitoring the reliability and quality of the supply
  • Reducing defects in the supply chain
  • Input for negotiations with suppliers
  • Pooling purchase volumes


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