The THESEN Potential Analysis: Your well-founded basis for decisions

Companies often hide large potentials for reducing purchase costs. Many of our clients wish to receive transparent information about areas of activity and potentials of a consulting service already in the run-up to a possible cooperation with THESEN. The potential analysis compiles all decision-relevant information for Purchasing.

We provide transparency and clarity. Thus, you can plan the use of resources and to prepare decisions accurately.

Our potential analysis achieves comprehensive transparency of the expenses and fully explores the subject from two directions:

  1. Savings potentials of the purchased materials and services in direct and indirect purchasing
  2. Optimization potentials of Purchasing in the organizational structure

You decide whether both potential analyses will be carried out jointly or separately, depending on where your focus for the further development of Purchasing is.

After the presentation of the potential analysis you are able to systematically determine which optimizing levers can be pulled to further develop Purchasing with regard to monetary and organizational aspects. Next, you decide whether you would like to realize these potentials together with an experienced partner or rather by yourself.

1. Potential Analysis Purchasing: Savings potentials of the purchased materials and services in direct and indirect purchasing

Within the context of our potential analysis, we segment and analyze the costs for all procurement goods, purchased products and services. If necessary, we analyze all product groups down to item level to discover all savings potentials of procurement. The analysis of the supplier relations is part of the analysis just as a precise look at the individual item, the specification or the labeling.

Our analysis will accurately examine and describe the levers which allow you to identify and realize the potentials. As result you will obtain a savings potential with levers for realization according to material field, item group or supplier.

100 percent success-based invoicing - a maximum of safety for you

Based on the potential analysis, we manage to analyze about 90 percent of all expenses and to designate a potential to our clients for 80 to 90 percent of the addressable expenses.

In most cases, our clients subsequently want an implementation consulting to realize the specified savings potentials on a 100 percent performance-related basis. Here, our charging model PAYS – PAY AS YOU SAVEwill take effect offering a cost and cash neutral implementation of the savings for the clients.

Output of the THESEN Potential Analysis:

  • Transparency concerning the expenses, the maverick buying share included
  • Savings potentials and realization levers according to material field / item group
  • Savings potentials according to suppliers
  • Definition of the project levers and their use / implementation
  • Implementation schedule including an estimation of time and resources for realizing the results

Potential Analysis Purchasing: Organizational position

At this point, the purchase structure will be examined with regard to a systemic position determination. Together with the executives of the relevant departments and interface functions, we will develop the analysis for identifying the status as well as an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses. It is important to adjust the benchmark analysis to your sector and the size of your company.

The crucial areas of the analysis are the following:

Purchasing / procurement

  • Structural organization
  • Process organization
  • Methods
  • Tools, systems, digitization


  • Role concepts and profiles
  • Competency balancing
  • Qualification concept


  • Strategy and self-image
  • Competencies & guidelines
  • Controlling & performance measurement

Electronic procurement solutions

  • Coordinated purchasing behavior
  • Reduced process costs
  • Determination of competitive prices and pooling
  • Cost transparency and management
  • Focus on main task
  • Knowledge management
  • Sustainability
  • Compliance with rules

The analytical results are an ideal basis to further develop the purchase strategy. In addition to several individual measures, the important strategic fields of activity for a comprehensive purchase optimization will be described.

Generally, the potential analysis will be carried out by one or two consultants with many years’ experience; thus, you can directly benefit from our expertise – depending on your company’s size, for a period of several days to some weeks in the case of groups with many sites.

Output of the THESEN Potential Analysis:

  • Analysis of the strengths and weaknesses
  • Activity plan for the further development of the purchase structure
  • Road map for the digitization of Purchasing
  • Training measures
  • Implementation schedule including an estimation of time and resources for optimizing the purchase structure

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