THESEN AG is an independent consulting firm for national and international purchase management, based in Germany.

THESEN AG is a growth-oriented company looking for ambitious, talented and qualified staff who want to build their professional future with us.
You will have excellent development prospects, in particular the opportunity to efficiently take responsibility and play a key role in the company’s further growth.

Successful purchasing is not a matter of perspective for us; it’s a means of creating added value. It affects all our customers’ processing and functional areas.

We work in a practical, customer-oriented manner, and keenly encourage and demand personal responsibility, individuality and a zest for modernisation.

We don’t need “know-it-alls”, but rather personalities and high potentials who assert their innovative ideas through experience, competence and natural authority. We’re looking for people who not only do their job, but who follow their calling with passion, are enthusiastic about going to work, enjoy being part of a team, and know how to tackle things efficiently. Good social and communication skills, awareness of responsibility, a results focus, assertiveness, creativity and leadership qualities are particularly important to us.

Motivation, job enjoyment, and above-average dedication are pre-requisites for top performances. Top performances our customers expect of us!

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