The role of global sourcing is continuously growing. Due to the internationalization of procurement options you can open up new markets and technologies for your company and use more favorable procurement sources.

According to TCO analyses, global purchasing has a cost-reducing potential of more than 20 percent.

The strong growth of the global economy - in particular of the emerging markets China, India, South America and Africa - has led to a tremendous demand for raw materials. For the coming years, the global physical demand will still be important. The supply extension will hardly be able to keep up and this will lead at least to a temporary shortage. And you also need to bear in mind the considerable currency fluctuations.

Due to this scenario, Purchasing has even more difficulties to optimize procurement costs and to ensure availability.

To avoid that a shortage of resources and potential savings will result in actual costs, THESEN will develop detailed risk analyses and action strategies. We will answer the following key questions for you:

  • Does your production strategy at product and component level match your global purchase plans?
  • How can you ensure constant quality and availability of procurement goods over long distances?
  • Which impact does your global purchase have on your personnel and logistic costs?
  • How can you prepare your organizational structure for the new challenges?

Given all opportunities and potentials, the risks are significant and must not be neglected. Risk management is a central element of global sourcing and closely related to the company’s Supply Chain Management.


  • Analyzing the appropriateness of the procurement volumes
  • Developing a sourcing strategy
  • Identifying new procurement sources and markets
  • Availability and quality analyses
  • Estimation of potentials
  • Identifying and evaluating existing barriers and opportunities
  • Risk monitoring of the relevant “global or local market”
  • Evaluating alternate options
  • Defining measures
  • Motivating and integrating your staff systematically
  • Developing an efficient reporting
  • Defining sub-projects to be implemented

The THESEN SYSTEM APPROACH stands for a comprehensive view on and a guarantee of your global procurement needs and costs.

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