For staff and executives in Purchasing

Purchase structure and purchase processes will develop their effect thanks to their active players. Crucial success factors are the purchasers’ or the managers’ skills and intention and the right mixture of individual skills within the team. Depending on the specific client situation, the training program will systematically strengthen the necessary development and transfer of skills.

Purchasing is a “people business” – both at line and management level. Therefore, success crucially depends on the ability of purchasers and managers to actually activate their skills in the organization and in the processes. The coaching of THESEN will support them on-site in their specific tasks. For their individual success. And for the success within the team.

We will assist and support managers in their traditional management functions. For example, with workshops in organizational development or project management. Further, we will support top management dialogs, potential screenings for employees, staff selection and development programs as well as traditional personnel and team management tasks. For a successful management.

We will assist the purchasers in their day-to-day business when carrying out precise purchase projects or transactions – in the spirit of “training on the job”. Further, they will have access to a dialog partner for their career planning or crisis / conflict management. For a high performance and a successful professional future.

Here again, we are looking forward to a common dialog to design and to implement, together with you, a tailor-made concept based on your challenges and our experienced background – for a strong purchasing.

The THESEN Training Module:

Our focus: Best Practice techniques & tools for Purchasing

Our goal: Development and transfer of skills within the purchasing team

Our training:

Training in strategic purchasing skills:

  • Material group management, purchase portfolio & goals
  • Procurement strategies
  • Supplier management
  • Global sourcing
  • Controlling tools

Training in transaction-related purchasing skills:

  • Design of tenders and requests
  • Tender evaluation
  • Negotiating for purchase professionals
  • Negotiating for sales professionals

It is possible to design and realize the training both in strategic purchase skills and in transaction-related skills in a company-specific or cross-company manner. Further, it is possible to combine the individual topics if needed so that client-specific solutions may be designed in practice. The training measures will focus on sub-areas that are clearly defined with regard to the contents and will have the aim to develop and transfer skills within the purchasing team and within the management of the purchase function.

The THESEN Coaching Module

Our focus: Purchasers and purchase managers

Our goal: Personal success in a strong Purchasing

Our coaching:

Executives coaching

  • Organizational development
  • Change projects
  • Top management dialog
  • Staff screening
  • Staff development
  • Staff selection
  • Staff management

Staff coaching

  • Realization of projects and transactions
  • Career development
  • Crisis and conflict management

Both executive coaching and staff coaching are individual and will often be implemented in connection with consulting topics or training measures, either as strategic assistance within the meaning of an organizational development or in connection with training on staff level.

We will assist the employees and managers in precise projects, line tasks or even in management functions. Here, the focus will be on the independent implementation of complex tasks, accompanied by the critical reflection of pros and cons as well as the development of action alternatives. Essentially, it is an intense “training on the job”. The task-specific know-how will be further deepened, the practice transfer intensified and the conditions for the individual success of the active players improved. The implementation success of the complete purchase structure will be ensured in a team context, supported by the skills and the success of the individual persons.

Consulting – Training – Coaching: The integrated service approach

In practice, the Thesen Consulting will interpret the areas of the services described depending on the clients and will coordinate them.

This also means that the specific contents in the area “training & development” may be mixed, re-designed or even modified with regard to methodology if necessary. In dialog with the clients, an individual range of services is created that will stand up to the purchase practice. The basic issues of consulting, training and coaching described above will offer a structured starting basis and will give drive and momentum to the discussion with the clients.

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