The planning, management and control of the logistic tasks within the value chain of the supply chain management is of utmost importance and absolutely necessary for the success and the competitiveness of a company.

The increased globalization of supply chains over the last 20 years, changing customer requirements, the reduced product life cycles, political upheavals, environmental disasters and the digitization are significant factors for an increase in complexity and risk factors within the supply chain. It is imperative to identify and evaluate the risks continuously and to make them transparent and manageable.

THESEN will find the optimized balance between stocks, stock rotation, lead times and customer satisfaction in your supply chain. The spectrum of our consulting ranges from the strategic and tactical orientation of the supply chain and the corresponding structures to the operational and internal optimization of specific supply chain processes.

THESEN Supply Chain Management Analysis

We identify the level of maturity of your supply chain performance based on a set of different performance criteria. We will pay special attention to the analysis of the present level of maturity and the respective sub-areas of the supply chain:

The analytical results show you in detail in which areas within your value chain you will find potentials for an increased performance.

THESEN potential analysis

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