For quite some time, the health care industry and the health care sector have lived through a continuing process of change. The following developments are to be mentioned by way of example:

  • Mergers and takeovers
  • Supply mandate at regional/rural level
  • Concentration and specialization
  • Continuing reduction of bed and overall capacity
  • Digitization and telemedicine
  • Strong demographic development
  • Complex and partially global logistic processes
  • State regulation to reduce costs

The continuing “battle” against the still increasing material cost share determines the work of the purchasing departments of hospitals, clinics and care homes. Different methods and levers are required to ensure competitiveness.

Thanks to a long-standing experience in the sector Health Care / Care we are familiar with all levers in the field of purchase and supply chain optimization - in particular in the health care sector - and are able to exploit the potentials for a long-term cost reduction.

We are familiar with the different frameworks and requirements of partners of the private sector as wells as of institutions run by the church or municipalities. We especially know and take into consideration the requirements of the sponsors and integrate these requirements in our program of success.

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